STARS Aviation Services was created in 1995 by a team of professionals having a high-level management responsibility within international companies of air transport in the field of Commercial and General aviation management, handling and contracts, or issued as well from receptive and outgoing tourism structures and destination management companies affiliated to the biggest international groups. STARS aviation services is today leader in its activity sector in Morocco and mainly at the level of the supervision, representation and Administration support of airline companies.

Leader in Morocco
Since 1995

• Representation
• Supervision
• Administration
• Airport Support
• services
• PAX & Crews
• assistance
• Fuel reseller
• Concierge services


STARS Aviation Services has for mission to offer to airline companies and partners all the services and the operations of representation, supervision, administration, commercialization, assistance, studies and advices within the framework of their implantation or development in Morocco or any specific mission required in Morocco. All these operations are governed by a professional ethics code of quality, of neutrality and of security, according to current rules, regulations and procedures IATA and/or OACI. Stars Aviation Services is member of the IATA GROUND HANDLING COUNCIL (IGHC).

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The highest standards
of the profession

STARS Aviation Services staff benefits of a professional qualification level respecting the highest standards of the profession. Collaborators selection criteria integrate as well the strictest moralities rules. Benefiting all of a high-level training in the field of assistance and flights supervision, they are issued globally of the international airline companies framing and have fulfilled either functions of Station and Operations Manager over Morocco or abroad, and Exploitation technicians’ functions.

The competences and professionalism of men and women within our partners services are our best asset. All the staff benefit also of a permanent training in the field of Handling procedures, Safety, Security and hazardous materials, in accordance with the requirements of the Airport Authorities and Civil Aviation Administration, IATA & ICAO Regulations.

Best Handler Africa 2017-2018


You have been named Best Handler Africa 2017-2018 as a result of your international service standards and top performance throughout 2017-2018. Thank you for supporting UAS in delivering on our promises to our clients.

Chief Executive Officer
UAS International Trip Support

STARS Aviation Services’ mission is to provide airline companies and their partners with a comprehensive range of services and operations, including representation, supervision, administration, commercialization, assistance, studies, and consultancy, for their establishment or development in Morocco, or for any specific mission required in Morocco. All these operations are governed by a professional code of ethics focusing on quality, neutrality, and security, in accordance with the current rules, regulations, and procedures of IATA and/or ICAO. STARS Aviation Services is a member of the IATA Ground Handling Council (IGHC).